We deliver creative economically led facade solutions

We deliver creative, economically led facade engineering solutions to shape better communities for future

to shape better communities for future

Facade Engineering

Buildings facades are one of the most crucial elements in defining the overall aesthetics and the technical performance of a building.

ARKS Designs provides a full range of facade engineering services, from early concept design to building commissioning. Our facade engineering team will work side-by-side with the Architect, owner, and all other stakeholders to develop the building envelope and define performance characteristics and prepare a full set of the building facade details. For either standard or bespoke systems; the solutions we provide are specifically tailored to deal with each project’s conditions, surrounding, environment, and users needs.

ARKS engineers also adopt a broader approach to building facades, in which we assist the Architect to develop the building’s skin drawings (elevations package) or even overtake the whole task. Skin drawings are crucial to define the building’s facade relationships, silhouettes, and interfaces with different building systems especially the superstructure.

Facade Detailing

The Facade Consultant’s role is to define the overall aesthetics and technical performance of the building enclosure. Our main task is to deal with the project’s environmental context, weather conditions, and structural parameters in order to achieve the effective building’s envelope.
Integrating facades with all other building’s systems is an essential task to assure that the entire design and different systems are working in synergy to reach the optimal building’s performance.

Computational design, Analysis and performance criteria

The Facade team builds performance analysis models to simulate the impact of different environmental and weather aspects on the project’s facades. It is important to calculate values that evaluate qualitative and quantitative metrics, such as daylight penetration, and interior operative temperature (comfort) to understand the relationship between these metrics and building’s shape, systems, and facade features.
Multiple assessments shall be carried out throughout the process, such as thermal and condensation assessments, to better tailor the walls assemblies and interfaces to resolve any unforeseen weaknesses in the building’s skin before construction. (i.e. Thermal bridging, condensation, glare, …etc.)

Structural Design

ARKS Designs’ structural team has vast experience in designing and delivering high-rise buildings, unique structures, and glazing structures.
Our team combines both analytical and design professionals who can develop creative, cost-effective, and integrated structural solutions.

Facade Access

ARKS provides facade access consulting, including strategies and systems selections that assure full coverage, safety, and integration with buildings’ architecture.
ARKS’ facade access consultants assess the building requirements in terms of cleaning cycles, maintenance requirements, equipment handling scenarios, means of glass or facade cladding replacement; this shall include investigating different and most appropriate facade access solutions

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