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ARKS is a specialized company providing complete services in the facade design and engineering field. Our services starts from the concept till the commissioning stage; for existing or new-built projects. Our team is devoted to resolving the challenges confronting the building enclosure. We consider all building’s enclosuer aspects from aesthetics, fire performance, structural integrity, weather performance, and energy consumption; achieving buildings that respond to people and environmental needs. We have both the experience and qualifications and the passion for turning ambitious architectural visions into reality.

Our decision to establish our firm in late 2019 was derived from the market need and the facade engineer’s crucial role in dealing with complex facades and the raised concerns of energy performance. The construction activities in the ME region are shaping our urban future, and we are eager to be part of those activities, believing that our knowledge and experience will contribute to delivering a better-shaped future.

ARKS philosophy is to provide economically-led, innovative, durable solutions through collaboration with all project stakeholders to maximize our clients’ value.

Market outlook

Our operating landscape has been initially shaped by the trends and emergence of markets in the regions we can operate in. As a starter company, we rely on the differentiation and value we propose to our clients. We believe that the ME market will be our magic key, allowing ARKS to extend its operations into broader regional horizons.

Our specialized service areas target specific clients and market segments. We expected challenges in dealing with that niche segment of consultants, developers, project managers, and contractors from day one. We have leveraged our team knowledge and competence (especially in facade engineering and structures) across our region to drive this differentiation. 

Facade innovation

Our main objective is to deliver profound yet knowledge-based services in the field of facade engineering. We focus on the quality of our staff by backing them up with continuous training and education. Our team is following up on the latest industry updates, publications, and technical notes issued by well-known organizations such as CWCT, GANA, SFE CIBSE, BSi, Building Enclosure Council Chicago, … and more. The continuous learning approach allows our staff to deliver solutions that protect the environment, conserve our planet’s resources, and create a conducive environment to live in for future generations.

FACADE CONSULTANTS 23 El Batrawy St. Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt www.arksdesigns.com

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ARKS has adopted a strategy to attract and retain the right people and competencies to always meet the commitments and promises we give to our clients. We continuously invest in our people and their skills.