Facade Engineering

Facade Analysis and Performance Criteria
The Facade team builds performance analysis models to simulate the project’s facades to calculate values which evaluate qualitative metrics, such as daylight penetration and interior operative temperature (comfort) against physical building features such as shading and window-to-wall ratio. Solar and Sun Mapping analysis shall be performed to identify critical areas of the facades affected by solar radiation, hence effective shading strategies shall be adopted.
The outcome of the analysis shall be the basis upon which the thermal and weather performance criteria will be set at the early stage of the design process. Optimized energy performance criteria shall contribute to better design the Climate control systems (ie. HVAC)

Facade Integration and Integrity

Integrating facade systems with the whole building’s systems (HVAC, Internal and External Lighting,  Superstructure,...etc.) is a crucial task to assure that the whole design and different systems are in synergy to reach the optimal building’s performance.With knowledge and preparation during the design phase, the building envelope and façade will likely have the integrity for a lasting service life.We pay a close attention to the facade structural integrity including systems movement behavior,  fixation to superstructure, expansion and seismic joints, post-failure behavior, ...etc. which are key safety measures.

Facade Detailing and Detailed Analysis

The process starts with systems selection and evolves until reaching the optimal facade detailing and systems interfaces solutions corresponding to performance criteria as well as the construction cost budget. Throughout the process, multiple assessments shall be carried out, such as thermal and condensation assessment, in order to better tailor walls assemblies and interfaces to resolve any unforeseen weaknesses in the building’s skin prior construction. (i.e. Thermal bridging, condensation, glare,...etc.) 

Digital Design

We build digital building models on various kinds of softwares which allow our team to carry out early analyses of massing, orientation, and energy. For special and bespoke systems, as necessary, we develop software digital based cut sheets for complex glazing and cladding panels, which minimize suppliers struggles with shop-drawings and grant the final architectural appearance. 

Technical Review

Review of specialist contractors and suppliers technical submissions is another key task which our team performs to better control facade packages and guarantee safety and compliance of the procured facade systems.

Facade Renovation

From investigative works related to existing facades to the development of new refurbished or renovated facades, we select the most appropriate systems that best deal with existing structures and have least impact on building existing systems.